Clock Towers of San Francisco

In a departure from my normal high-tech writing ways, I’ve written a piece about antique clocks. The story was inspired by an antique clock repair shop a few blocks away from my apartment and its owner, a man named Dorian Clair. Dorian is the kind of guy who will answer all the questions you ask, and¬†then go on to answer unasked ones as well. Before I knew it, he was telling me stories about the history of San Francisco’s tower clocks and how he takes care of them. It turns out that Dorian watches the clocks at the Ferry Building and the pendulum clock at UCSF Medical Center. He also built the clock in the tower that overlooks the Bay Bridge viaduct.

The piece is about my attempt to get him to take me up into these clock¬†towers. In it, I include a smattering of clock work, clock history, and Dorian’s history. I had a fantastic time researching and writing this piece, and I’m happy to have it appear in the Bold Italic, a new online publication that features unique people, places, and things to do in San Francisco.

You can read the story, All Along the Watchtower, here:

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