Drinking Recycled Urine in Space

According to NASA, “when it comes out, it’s cleaner than most of the drinking water you have on planet earth.”

Lately I’ve been obsessed with NASA video from STS-128, the current shuttle mission. Some of the video doesn’t have sound, so I’ve played tunes from SomaFM‘s Mission Control station, a mix of radio transmissions from Houston and electronic/house music. Last night, when I turned on SomaFM, Mission Control was silent, but the streaming house music was still the perfect soundtrack for watching astronauts float around the space station, affixing things to the walls with velcro and whatnot.

Earlier today, NASA posted the STS-128 Day 11 highlight video. It’s kind of long, so I pulled out a couple of minutes that include a tour of the high-tech toilet that converts urine to drinking water, a bit of zero-g shrimp eating, and a recycled-water toast as the astronauts gather together for their last dinner together.

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