Introducing the New HI-SEAS Website

Crew member Dr. Sian Proctor, in charge of education and outreach, has been hard at work on our new website. Check it out at We’re all contributing posts and pictures as we ramp up to our two-week practice mission in January and our four-month main mission in April 2013.

In the meantime, I suggest you check out some interesting tidbits about the mission. For instance,

  • Did you know that one of our crew members is a TED Fellow?
  • One of the principle investigators in charge of getting the mission off the ground, so to speak, is quite the comedienne.
  • There’s a chance each crew member will wear one pair of socks and one pair of underwear during the entire four-month mission. They will be contain, as an active ingredient, antimicrobial nanoparticles.
  • Our main mission objective is to study space food. We’re having a recipe contest, so share your space-age concoctions.
  • How did the crew become involved in HI-SEAS? We applied, naturally. Take a look at the original call for applicants to see what we signed ourselves up for.
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