Last Open-Water Swim of the Season

Before the swim

At 7 a.m. last Sunday in Nashville the temperature was about 35 degrees. But the waters of Percy Priest Lake, were a balmy 68. Thick fog hung over the water as I squeezed into my wetsuit outside my car, getting ready to join the group from Excel Aquatics. This was their last swim of the season, but my first with them–I had just joined an Excel swimming class and was graciously allowed to crash this group’s swim.

The water felt great. And once in, I wasn’t even cold. But I did get tired. I hadn’t been in the water much since the 4.5 mile river swim in June, so I wasn’t in great shape. As a group, we hugged the edges of the coves, so it was easy for me to stand and take a breather at one point while the group continued on.

While I waited for them to circle back, I just took in the incredible beauty of the lake. I wish I had pictures of this scene. The sun, low on the horizon, glowed red through the cottony fog. Trees along shore were well into their fall colors, and the early morning light set their oranges and yellows and reds on fire. A giant gray heron glided over the still water just an arm’s length away from me. The experience filled me with awe.

I’m not sure when my next open-water swim will be, but I feel like this one will keep me satisfied for a while.

After the swim
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