Making Displays with Quantum Dots

My latest story in Technology Review is up. The piece is about a partnership between quantum dot-maker QD Vision and screen-maker LG Display to manufacture a new type of display technology that will supposedly look better and be more energy efficient than those made of organic light-emitting diodes.

Quantum dots are tiny crystals of semiconductors that have some pretty special properties: they shine at ultra-pure colors, and it doesn’t take a lot of energy to make them do it. Imagine your cell phone battery lasting for days or even weeks because the screen (which is bright and beautiful) only sips power from the battery. Quantum dots should also be easier to manufacture than OLEDs, which means that they have a better chance of being used in larger screens like computer monitors or TVs.

There’s no clear timeline–the QD Vision team doesn’t want to make any promises–but a lot of the infrastructure is already in place to fast track this technology. Stay tuned!

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