Our Data, Ourselves

My first feature for Discover magazine is now online! In “Our Data, Ourselves,” I write about a Google engineer’s project to turn mobile phones phones into the ultimate data-collection devices. The idea is that when a person tracks her behaviors on her phone, she can use the data to help make positive behavior changes.¬†Self-tracking, behavior change, phone apps, open-source software, personal data security, it’s all there!

You can read the story here.

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2 Responses to Our Data, Ourselves

  1. Diane Dawber says:

    Hi, Kate,

    Read your very interesting article, Our Data, Ourselves. For 15 years, our not-for-profit group has studied how to recover from chronic illnesses. We now have some successful tools. One is an easy, inexpensive, accessible way to assess and monitor our biochemistry. Since each of us is unique, we have found this is the only way we could manage to utilize supplements, or indeed foods, appropriately. We think that the people in your article would be excited about the possibilities when linked with technology. I haven’t found a way to connect with Ian Eslick for instance. His psoriasis might be a result of biochemical imbalance and so diet has not done it for him while our assessment tool might very well help.

    If you can put us in touch with him or any of the others that would be great. Most of us are retirement age now but we’re all better than we were 20 years ago. So great to be feeling well.

    Congratulations and great job on the article!
    Diane Dawber
    Board Chair
    Health Pursuits reading and Research: MEND

    207 County Rd. 6,
    Bath, ON K0H 1G0

  2. Kate says:

    Hi Diane,
    Thanks for your comment. It sounds like you’ve found a great approach Ian’s email address is available in MIT’s directory. (I’m not comfortable posting it publicly.) Happy health and good luck!

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