Scheduled Calm

Early in the mission, before the simulation began, the crew sat down to work on a comprensive schedule for every task needed to be done while at MDRS. 

Our first day of settling into the simulation was a day of schedules, crucial for calm and crucial for focus. By the time the simulation started, we were the proud owners of schedules for waking, eating, cooking, research, washing dishes, testing protocols, sweeping floors, EVAs, showering, writing, discussing, reporting, bathroom cleaning, photographing, video recording, and sleeping. These schedules do not include our engineer’s schedule, which consists of constant checks and rechecks, of tending systems that can’t be controlled. It takes vigilance to keep a facility running and to keep inhabitants of this dwelling safe and sound. It’s such a harsh environment, after all. But with these schedules, expectations were set. We were grounded to each other and to our new home. With these schedules, crew 122 was ready to roll.

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