[Early Morning], published in tuff poems

Future Plans, published in Recliner

Cyclotron Poem, published in A Dozen Nothing

Pierogies From the Old Country, published in Hayden’s Ferry Review

How Can You Count in These Exponential Times?, published in the Harvard Review Online


Space Tables, Imaginary Futures, July 2020

Living Life at a Distance, Slate, March 2020

Why India is Investing in Space, Slate, March 2017

What Long-distance Swimmers Eat, Lucky Peach, February 2016

Eyes on the River, Pacific Standard, January 2016

An All-Female Mission to Mars, Slate, October 2014

How Should We Program Computers to Deceive?, Pacific Standard, September 2014

Planet Boredom, Aeon, February 2014

The Mystery of Moon Dust, the New Yorker, November 2013

Of sense and salinity: A swim in the Great Salt Lake, High Country News, May 2013

Mending Broken Hearts, U.S. News & World Report, December 2012

Our Data, Ourselves, Discover, December 2011

What is He Doing?, Technology Review, October 2007

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