“A smart look at how big data transforms our lives, from the microcosm of the individual to the macrocosm of the planet. Eagle’s pioneering research in data-mining human behavior is inspiring, while Greene’s insights on what it all means makes Reality Mining an indispensable book. And importantly, privacy issues are not an afterthought but interlaced throughout–as it should be.”

–Kenneth Cukier, co-author of Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work, and Think

“We look at digital devices as something that are meant to serve us. In Reality Mining we are taken on a journey from individuals to countries, to illustrate the true transformative power the collective use of these digital devices brings to humanity. A fascinating trip guided by the researchers who have successfully bridged discovery with entrepreneurship!”

–Albert-László Barabási, Robert Gray Doge Professor of Network Science, Northeastern University; author of Linked

This is to say that the MIT Press monograph I’ve co-authored with Nathan Eagle will drop in August of this year, and some people have thoughts on it.

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