Coming Back to San Francisco and then…Mars?

Jill and I will arrive in Oakland late Friday night, capping our 4.5 week road trip/move from Nashville. On Saturday morning at 9, I’ll swim in Aquatic Park in San Francisco for a homecoming splash of sorts. All who are interested in watching or swimming are invited!

This road trip has been a most incredible, non-linear journey. Our original route was a little round about, taking us south to New Orleans, and then up through Kansas, across to Salt Lake City, and down to Phoenix and San Diego.

But this was more than a road trip; it was also a swim adventure, thanks to my winning the contest from ultraswimmer Jamie Patrick. You can read more about the cross-country swim here.

Then, in the middle of it all, I was called away to Ithaca to participate in a workshop for an exciting opportunity as one of nine crewmembers for a mock mission to Mars scheduled for next year. We don’t yet know which six crewmembers will be in the habitat for four months (three will be backup). I’ll keep you posted.

You can read more about the Mars mission here. The post about the swim in Ithaca is here. The blog archive for the entire road trip/swim adventure is here.

Clearly, life has provided a lot of excitement lately. But in the short term at least, I’m focused on coming home to our apartment in San Francisco and settling in for a few days. Drop me an email or text message if you want to catch up!



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