Collected Dispatches from the Red Planet

Taking some notes. Photo: Sian Proctor

It’s been a few weeks since the completion of HI-SEAS 2013. I’m now back at home in San Francisco and readjusting to life on Earth. So far it’s consisted of weddings, numerous meals and drinks with friends, ocean swims, bike rides around the city, and a couple of late nights binging on Orange is the New Black. It feels good to be back.

But my mind hasn’t completely left the fourth rock from the Sun. Right now, I’m working on a feature story for Discover magazine. It’ll be longish piece about what it was like to live a Martian life. It’ll also showcase the stunning photography from crew member Sian Proctor. Publication cycles for print magazines can run long, but I’m hopeful the story will be out in a few months.

In the meantime, you can see all 17 of my Discover dispatches here:

I also wrote some posts for The Economist, which you can read here: & here: & here: & here: & here:

In addition to the writing, I’ll be speaking at a few events and conferences in the near future.

Appearance #1: If you’re in Kansas City on September 18th, drop by miniBar for Nerd Nite, where I’ll give a short talk about HI-SEAS and answer all your burning questions about being a fake astronaut.

Appearance #2: Quantified Self 2013 Global Conference in San Francisco, October 10-11. I’ll talk about the difficulties of sleeping in space and the sleep study I conducted on the HI-SEAS crew.

Appearance #3: Skeptech in Minneapolis April 11-13th. I’ll be on panels talking about space and technology in general.




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